24th March 2020
 Our mail order service is continuing at present

OUR ONLINE SHOP will remain operating for as long as is possible, and will be complying with government guidelines/restrictions. There is so much we have that can help people through this time of uncertainty, assisting them spiritually in prayer, as well as making available cards and resources that can be shared as reassurance - especially to family, friends, parish communities, etc. in isolation. Be aware that deliveries may take a little longer as we are lone working and are dependent on the postal service continuing.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES We also have thousands of variations in rosaries, cards, resources, gifts, etc. in our Watermead Centre's shop which is now closed for the unforeseeable futute.

However, if you are looking for something in particular then do contact us. We should be able to send the item(s) through our shop mail order delivery system.

OUR DOWNLOAD RESOURCES (those free and those that are costed) will not be affected by any lock-down of the Watermead Centre.

Watermead is the name of a Christian apostolate that shares faith through people’s gifts and talents, recording and publishing our own music, cards, books and resourcesOur online shop makes available all that we produce along with a variety of additional religious items and seasonal gifts.
See our below for new products and products that reflect the various Church seasons and Sacramental celebrations (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Holy Communion, Confirmation, etc.)


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Our Best Sellers and Popular Products

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Book - Words of Prayer and Encouragement Bereavement  - Thought of You Card Book - O Lord Hear Our Prayer Book - Knocking on Heaven's Door Lit a Candle - Thought of You Card