The Lord's Way Lam'post

The Lord's Way Lam'post

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An A4 laminated sheet with the wording of Watermead’s hymn “The Lord’s Way”.  The hymn sings of Elijah’s sad journey to the Holy Mountain, of the bewildered disciples on the road to Emmaus (pictured), and of our personal journeys through life, strengthened by the Eucharist.
An instrumental version of this hymn appears on Watermead’s “People of God” meditation CD.  It was also recorded on their children’s cassette recording “A Little Child Shall Lead” and will be available as a download.  The sheet music is also available.
Each A4 sheet is laminated in a good quality laminate pouch and, if required, an envelope can be provided - but please note envelopes need to be ordered separately.

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