Peace of God with you Card

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Peace of God with You - Sr Dorothy Peace Card
A card suitable for most occasions offering the reassurance of the Peace of God in all things and the Little Saint cartoon acknowledges the message with Faith, Hope and Love banners.
(Note that the suitability given for our Sr Dorothy range of encouragement and care cards is only a suggestion as a card can be suitable for many occasions, dependent on how the wording inside the card relates to the person receiving the card, or the person sending the card)
(Note that the inside of the card is left blank for a persona greeting or message)
The wording on the front of this card reads:  
The Peace of God be with You.
The words given inside the card are from Sr Dorothy's collection of prayers and words of encouragement:

May you
see the things that
God wishes you to see,
hear the things that
God wishes you to hear
and receive the things
God wishes to give you.

Printed on cream card and hand-finished and presented with a cream 100 gsm quality envelope in a polypropylene display sleeve. 
110 mm x 220 mm (DL ISO standard envelope size)
The picture on the front of the card 'Dove of Peace' is a print of a drawing commissioned by Watermead. One of Watermead's own 'Little Saints' cartoons is also pictured.
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