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Book - Knocking on Heaven's Door

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BOOK - Knocking on Heaven’s Door: Prayers for every day of the year


ISBN 9781907721045

OVERVIEW A pocket-sized prayer book with prayers for every day of the year, including a section devoted to topical Sundays of the year.

AUTHOR Don Maclean

ABOUT THE AUTHORS Don was born in Birmingham, far too long ago (he says), and educated at St Philip’s Grammar School. He then studied drama at Birmingham Theatre School and modern history at the University of Warwick. In 1997, The University of Birmingham saw fit to confer upon him an honorary MA. A comedian by trade, Don has appeared regularly on TV, in cabaret and theatre all over Great Britain including two London Palladium seasons, six Royal Command Performances and forty-one pantomimes. In his latter years he has played many a ‘Dame’ in Christmas pantomimes and, during the summer months, travelled the world entertaining on cruise ships.

During the 1970’s and early 1980’s he was never off television - he fronted the ever popular 'Crackerjack', compered 'The Black and White Minstrel Show' and was a regular on 'Celebrity Squares.' In 1990, BBC Religious Broadcasting invited him to present their ‘flagship’ programme, ‘Good Morning Sunday’ on Radio 2. His light-hearted approach to religion obviously worked and by the time Don left the show, early in 2006, two and a half million people regularly tuned in. He also presented ‘Faith in the Nation Week’ for Radio 2 which aimed to give listeners an insight into religions other than Christianity. He has acted as ‘frontman’ for BBC TV’s ‘Songs of Praise’ on several occasions.

Don was made an MBE in the New Year’s Honours List 2001, for services to religion and inter-faith relations, and, in May 2012, Pope Benedict saw fit to invest Don with a Papal Knighthood, the highest honour that can be given by the Catholic Church to a layman. [He also has a pilot’s licence and a life-saving certificate, says he.] During a career spanning nearly 50 years Don has tried to prove that comedy and religion can sit comfortably side by side - “there’s no need to be ‘po faced’ if you’re a Christian!”

EDITOR Fr John Daley IC

COVER ILLUSTRATION Photograph of Don Maclean with cartoon of 'The Pestering Widow' by Rory Maclean

SIZE 148 mm x 105 mm


COVER Paperback


EDITION 1st Edition

PUBLISHER Watermead Publishing Apostolate (Watermead Publishing Ltd)

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WATERMEAD STORY : Don Maclean first worked with Watermead on our 'Parables Project', recording 12 of our original musical settings of Jesus' parables. The recording eventually led to a presentation for primary schools and a musical play performed by our local Catholic senior school in a city theatre. Don and wife Toni have become part of our Watermead family, especially in travelling with us on our various pilgrimages. Over the years he has told us of his work with the BBC, of his life in show business and of his Christian faith. He also shared with us some of the prayers he had written for ‘Good Morning Sunday’ and said how much he would like, one day, to publish them. ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’, is that book and Watermead has been privileged to publish it.