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Book - Tom An English Irishman

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BOOK - Tom, An English Irishman


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OVERVIEW An autobiography by Tom Concannon, one of the founders of Watermead Publishing. The story of the a good Catholic man - husband, father, grandfather and inspiration to our Watermead mission.

AUTHOR T.P Concannon

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - T.P.CONCANNON "Tom - An English Irishman " was Tom’s retirement project, completed just before his sudden death. Originally written using pseudonyms the manuscript was reworked by his widow, Dee, and became the first publishing project for the newly-formed Watermead Publishing. It is the story of a good Catholic man - husband, father, grandfather - and inspiration to the 'Watermead' mission. Tom had left school aged 13 having missed much of his education through his chronic asthma. The doctors had repeatedly said it was unlikely he would survive his next attack, let alone reach adulthood. But he did, and his love of story-telling determined him to a regime of self-education that would allow him to successfully express on paper all his imagination held. At the age of 40 he saw his first historical novel accepted for publication and a further six novels published over the following years. Tom’s story is one of quiet perseverance and determination, of rejection and acceptance, of love for his wife and family and for the faith that sustained him. He was nick-named the ‘English-Irishman’ by a Polish work colleague – a title that certainly summed up his loyalty to the country he called home and the Celtic heritage of which he was so proud. We have been told by people who have read this book that they have found it inspirational.

EDITOR Doreen Concannon

SIZE 210 mm x 150 mm x 20 mm


COVER Hardback (leather bound - gilt lettering)


PUBLISHER Watermead Publishing Apostolate (Watermead Publishing Ltd)

EDITION 1st Edition

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FURTHER BOOKS by Tom (T.P. Concannon) The Freebooters published by Robert Hale (1971): Eagles in Retreat published by (Robert Hale (1972): Rupert’s Blue Banner published by Robert Hale (1974): Madeleine published by Robert Hale (1976): Sunset at Chalgrove published by Robert Hale (1977): Day of the Viking published by Robert Hale (1979): Dear Johnnie published by Robert Hale (1984) (Tom also wrote the lyrics for a Watermead hymn “Our Songs Gives Praise”)
FORWARD BY TOM'S WIDOW, DOREEN. "Tom's retirement lasted almost three years. He filled those years with enjoyment in the everyday practices that were characteristic of him. In addition to his writing he worked at his garden and walked, weather permitting, every day around the lakes of the nearby Watermead country park and the neighbouring village of Wanlip, making many friends along the way as he stopped and talked to the people he met. He listened to his beloved music, especially in the mornings when, he said, his mind was more receptive. He was a faithful member of St Theresa's choir. He was grateful that he was able to attend weekday Mass, liking the peaceful atmosphere of the church, the quiet fellowship of the friends he knew there and, above all, the sacred beauty of the Mass. C.S. Lewis writes in his book The Four Loves, of 'Gift Love' saying "A typical example of which would be that love which moves a man to work and plan and save for the future well-being of his family which he will die without sharing or seeing." In some ways this describes Tom's love for us, his family. While he lived he shared with us his joys, hopes and dreams, encouraging all of us to use our God-given talents. He has left behind a legacy of more importance than material benefits: he has left us a memory of a loving husband, father, friend, and an example to his children and grandchildren of someone who, in spite of formidable obstacles, persevered with honour and courage to make his dreams and aspirations become reality. Tom died in hospital on Friday August 27th 1993, after a brain haemorrhage. Family and friends were with him. There are many men like Tom who call themselves ordinary, yet they are the necessary heroes of our time. We hear much about loving mothers, but faithful, caring husbands and fathers are so important especially in these disturbing times, for the stability of our families and the relationships within our society. I hope readers enjoy Tom's story." (Dee Concannon, August 1994)