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Book - Words of Prayer and Encouragement

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BOOK - Words of Prayer and Encouragement


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OVERVIEW A collection of favourite prayers - 96 in total - some well known, some not so well known and some written especially for the book (see list of included prayers below). The prayers were gathered together by parishioners of a Catholic/Christian community

AUTHOR Various

COVER PICTURE 'St Theresa's Church in Watermead' by Matthew Concannon

SIZE 148 mm x 210 mm


COVER Paperback


PUBLISHER Watermead Publishing Apostolate (Watermead Publishing Ltd)

EDITION 3rd Edition (2003)


Prayer Wish from St Paul, The Rosary, Prayer for those Growing Old, Novena to St Jude, Footprints, Here I am, Trinity Prayers, Prayer to St Peregrine, Prayer for the Unborn Child, Act of Consecration, A prayer to a Guardian Angel, Day by Day, O Great Spirit, St Bernard's Prayer, Novena to Sacred Heart, Prayer to St Jude, Real Life, A Thank You, Take Time, Lord of all Times and Gifts, Have you a Rose to Spare, Night Prayer, Prisoners of Conscience, Peace Prayer of St Francis, Treasure, Beatitudes for friends of the Aged, Indifference, I said a Prayer for You Today, Death is Nothing at All, God are you There, The Gift, A Prayer in Old Age, Borderlines, Forgive as we Forgive, Not for Sale, Just for Today, Take my Hand O Blessed Mother, No Other Way, Letter from a Friend, Prayer to the Holy Spirit, Plea for Forgiveness, Cardinal Newman Evening Prayer, Prayer of a Lay Apostle, A Morning Offering, A Child Learns, Sacred Heart Prayer, The Angelus, Prayer from Henry Drummond, Bereavement Prayer, A Dream, Mother Theresa (Poem about), Live Baby Live, God's Loaned Child, Sorrow Prayer, Hope, Everybody Somebody Anybody, The Plea, No Charge, Pain, Where is God, One Solitary Life, Commendation (Go forth upon your journey), Time for God, Active Prayer, Prayer for Current Affairs, Soldier's Final Prayer, A Prayer for Guidance, Trying, The Power of Prayer, Quiet Prayer, A Word of Consolation, Offering, Come Holy Spirit, Evening Prayer of St Augustine, Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, A Nurse's Prayer, He Prayer for . . ., Jewish Prayer, An Irish Blessing, A Time to Prayer, Prayer for St Therese for World Peace, Three O'Clock Prayer, Evening Prayer, The Jesus Prayer, The Way of the Cross, Lord, Make Me . . ., A Prayer for the Whole World, From Pablo Casals, From a Child in a Nazi Death Camp, Cardinal Newman's Service to God Prayer, Prayer of Faith in Darkness, When I must Leave You, Hear and Help, Come, Holy Spirit, The Fiat Rosary

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WATERMEAD STORY: Words of Prayer and Encouragement was the first book published by the Watermead Publishing Apostolate. We have begun with music publishing - then, "What about publishing a parish prayer book?" Father John Daley, parish priest, suggested to the Catholic communities of St Theresa's, Birstall, and Sacred Heart, Rothley - and favourite prayers started arriving. The prayers were collated, checked for copyright permissions and put together to form a book in 1994. The First Edition first edition of "Words of Prayer and Encouragement" (a buff cover with gold lettering) was printed and sold out within three weeks. After repriniting the book continued its popularity and in 1997 the book was re-edited and printed in partnership with the Catholic Printing Company of Farnworth. Our third and present edition was published by Watermead in 2003, having been again edited and updated. Over the years we have sold thousands of copies of this book and shall continue to republish and update as needed. One warming story was the arrival of an envelope in 2006 containing a very "used" copy of the first buff edition, along with a request for a possible replacement. Apparently, the book had been the favourite companion of an elderly relative and now, as it was literally falling apart, the enquirer wanted to surprise them with another copy. Of course we obliged, thrilled that the book had obviously brought such comfort.