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Canticle of Creation Laminate

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ITEM Canticle of Creation Laminate


PRAYER The Canticle of Creation

AUTHOR St Francis of Assisi

PRESENTATION A laminated sheet with a translation of the prayer

SIZE 297 mm x 210 mm (A4 ISO standard paper size)

ACCESSORIES An envelope can be provided - but please note envelopes need to be ordered separately at an additional cost.

PLEASE NOTE Where used the pictures on some of our Prayer laminates are pasted prayer cards and so the designs might vary slightly according to availability of appropriate cards.

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WATERMEAD STORY Part of our apostolate's work is to arrange pilgrimages and one of the popular destinations in northern Italy is Assisi, home of St Francis the author of this prayer of praise. All praise to you, almighty and good Lord God,and glory, honour and blessing in all Creation.All praise to my Lord for Brother Sunwho brings us the light and warmth of the day: in his great splendor he signifies our God.All praise to my Lord for Sister Moonand for the stars which you have placed, clear and beautiful, in the heavens.All praise to my Lord for Brother Windand for air and clouds and all seasons through which you sustain our life.All praise to my Lord for Sister Water,so humble and useful, beautiful and pure.All praise to my Lord for Brother Firewho gives light in the darkness and is warming and strong.All praise to my Lord for Mother Earthwho sustains and nourishes us,producing many fruits and flowers and colours, the grass and the trees.All praise to my Lord for thosewho forgive each other out of love for you, who suffer troubles and weakness,who bring peace, for you will give them your blessing.All praise to my Lord for Sister Deathwith whom all of us shall come to you; then may you find us open to your forgiveness and love.All praise and blessing to our Lord:may we thank him and serve him humbly. BACKGROUND TO OUR LAMINATESLam’posts was the name first given to this series of laminates. ‘Lam’ from the word laminate and ‘post’ because they were designed as an alternative postal greeting to the usual card. Changes to size and costs in the UK postal system changed the appeal for their posting as a greeting for a special occasion, but they are still popular as small posters. They are divided into various categories with each containing many different designs and themes.