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Congratulations Installation as Canon Card

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 A card to congratulate a priest on the occasion of his installation, when he is made a Canon of the Cathedral Chapter of his diocese by the bishop.

Congratulations Installation as Canon

SC13 A&B

Congratulations on your installation as Canon

To congratulate a priest on the occasion of his installation, when he is made a Canon of the Cathedral Chapter of his diocese by the bishop.
"Receive, O my God, all my thoughts and all I am going to do today, in union with all You bore out of love for me during Your life on earth."
St John Vianney

A Prayer
Dear Lord,
watch over the Canons of your Church.
Keep them faithful to their vocation
and to sharing your Good News.
Strengthen them with the
gifts of your Spirit
and grant them the wisdom
and knowledge required
to help them support the bishop
in his loving guidance
of our diocesan family.

and . . . .

Reverend Canon
A shining example of a good priest, chosen by the bishop to help in the administration and spiritual life of the diocese.
Such a position dates back to the 8th century in Germany, the diocese of Metz, and from there became part of the structure of the Church.
(Catholic Dictionary)

"Thinking of you in prayer on this special occasion"


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A Canon is a priest of the Cathedral Chapter appointed by the bishop to carry out various ecclesiastical functions in the diocese as directed by the bishop.

Priests who have been appointed by their bishop as a member of a Cathedral Chapter of Canons are addressed in speech as 'Canon' and addressed on a letter as 'The Very Reverend Canon'.

The word "canon" comes from the Greek kanon, which in its original usage denoted a straight rod that was later the instrument used by architects and artificers as a measuring stick for making straight lines. Kanon eventually came to mean a rule or norm, so that when the first ecumenical council—(Nicaea I) was held in 325, kanon started to obtain the restricted juridical denotation of a law promulgated by a synod or ecumenical council, as well as that of an individual bishop.