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Little Saints (Retreat) Placemats (x 6)

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BMP01E : Little Saints (Retreat) Placemats - a set of 6 laminated placemats for healthy retreat

ITEM Little Saints (Retreat) Placemats (set of 6)   PRODUCT CODE BMP01C   DESCRIPTION A set of six identical laminated placemats - an idea that came from hosting our own retreats to offer a good starting point for conversation at mealtimes.   WORDING The placemats offer the following advice for a healthy retreat, with each saying illustrated by one of our Little Saint charactors. (The “Little Saint” advice pictures are those used on our “Advice for a Healthy Retreat” cards and read as follows:   ‘Read, but look after your eyes – a slice of cucumber relieves well “read” eyes.’   ‘Remember to eat – new clothes can be expensive.’   ‘Listen to music – it exercises the ears.’   ‘Circulation is important so take regular exercise - if skipping does not appeal try and genuflect 10 times an hour’   ‘Sing some prayers – it exercises the face’   ‘Get plenty of fresh air – God made enough for everyone’   . . .  AND A FINAL WORD . . .   ‘Get plenty of rest – after all the exercise you will need to!’   MATERIAL Each placemat is sealed in a 250 micron laminate and so is hand-washable (not suitable for dishwashers).   SUITABILITY IMPORTANT Mats can take warmed, even hot plates, but please note that they are not heat resistant.   SIZE 216 mm x 303 mm   PLEASE NOTE THAT, ALTHOUGH MATS PROVIDED WILL BE THE ADVERTISED COLOUR THEME THE COLOUR IN THE PRODUCT PICTURE ABOVE IS NOT EXACT. COLOUR OF INK CAN ALSO VARY SLIGHTLY PER PRINT RUN.

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WATERMEAD STORY The first “Little Saint” card produced was our "Advice for a Healthy Retreat" card and this was soon followed by the "Advice for a Speedy Recovery" card. Then more "Little Saint" characters joined the collection inspiring a series of folded notelets, the first using a saying from St Joseph Cafasso (1811-1860) “We were born to love, we live to love and we shall die to love still more.” Many of the "Little Saint" notelets were originally created for a person or situation with the accompanying sayings inspired by a book called 'Wisdom of the Saints', an anthology of hundreds of sayings from over two thousand years. MORE "LITTLE SAINT" PRODUCTS As well as our "Little Saint" cards the characters appear as illustrations in Watermead books and on our weekly Lord’s Day Newsletter. There are also serviettes, mugs, placemats, coasters, bookmarks and we are always exploring new product possibilies – including a range of cards and placemats for Christmas. The little mice that accompany the Saints in their escapades are called Cyril and Methodius, named after two 9th century saints, and they, too, have been used on our 'alternative' Valentine's Day card.