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Music CD - I call you Friends

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MUSIC CD - ANAWIM I Call You Friends


TRACKS 15 tracks (12 vocal and 3 instrumental)


ARTISTS Rebecca Peene, Matthew Concannon, Alison Kennedy

LABEL Independent / Watermead Music

CASE Standard CD Jewel Case with Insert

INSERT 8-page booklet with guide along with lyrics to the individual tracks

RELEASED July 2004 (Pentecost)

OVERVIEW A recording of hymns, songs and instrumental meditations, suitable for personal use or as part of a mass, service or retreat setting. This recording is the sixth music-recording project from the Watermead Apostolate and, as with our previous recordings, all the music is composed within our community. On this recording the songs are sung by Rebecca and Matthew – two of our Watermead singers - and the title of the CD is taken from the song that inspired the recording, 'I Call You Friends'.

WATERMEAD STORY 'ANAWIM I Call You Friends' is the 6th recording project from Watermead's Music apostolate. Rebecca and Matthew were asked to sing for this recording following requests from the people of St Joseph's parish, where they worshipped and regularly sang. The couple began singing together in 2002 when Rebecca joined the newly-formed choir. Matthew, although still leading the music at St Theresa's twice a month, had been helping Alison introduce Watermead Music to the people of St Joseph's. When Rebecca asked to sing with Matthew, it was decided that they try one of Alison's new hymns as a Communion meditation. People were so moved by their singing of the hymn that the couple started singing regularly together and gave voice to several of our Watermead hymns. That first hymn was called 'I Call You Friends' - hence the title of this CD.

To meet Matthew and Rebecca, listen to the music and read the full story visit our Watermead apostolate website.

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Track listing
(1) Iona Canticle; (2) Childhood Memories (*); (3) Song of Life; (4) Blessings; (5) A Rose for Mary; (6) Friends in Prayer; (7) Precious Child; (8) Our Father; (9) Pax Christi; (10) Returns (I); (11) Temple of the Lord; (12) Here is My Body; (13) Journeys in Faith (*); (14) Celtic Farewell; (15) I Call You Friends. (*) = Instrumental Track