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Religious Life Card

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Religious Life Card


ITEM Religious Life Card   PRODUCT CODE SC07B   SUITABILITY A card to celebrate the occasion of joining a religious Order or Institute   WORDING Contains the wording of our Watermead Hymn "Giving sets us free"   The wording on the front of this card reads:    "When wisdom enters your heart and knowledge delights you  God will watch over you and guide you."     PRESENTATION Printed on cream card and hand-finished and presented with a cream 100 gsm quality envelope in a polypropylene display sleeve.    SIZE 110 mm x 220 mm (DL ISO standard envelope size)   PLEASE NOTE These cards are printed when ordered, so it is sometimes possible to personalise the design.  Availability depends on the date required and the price on the quantity ordered. Please ask.   Printed on cream card and presented with a cream 100 gsm laid envelope.

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WATERMEAD STORY Fr John (spiritual guide and co-founder to Watermead) is what we term a 'Religious' priest, belonging to a religious institute - The Institute of Charity (nicknamed the "Rosminians"). There have been many 'religious' men and women, from various religious institutions, involved with us over the years and, thus, our selection of 'Religious Life' cards reflect these good friends and supporters of our apostolate. THE RELIGIOUS LIFE People can consecrate their life to God, living either individually or as a member of a religious institute. Every religious institute will have its own unique aim, or charism and adheres to a particular way of religious living that is conducive to it, whether 'contemplative', 'enclosed', 'mendicant' or 'apostolic'. Institutes are "a society in which members pronounce public vows and lead a life of brothers or sisters in common" - the details and process of which are decided by the particular institute's religious rules, constitutions and statutes. THE SACRAMENTS The Christian journey is marked by special moments of God’s blessing called Sacraments. There are seven: Baptism (Christening), Confirmation (or Chrismation), the Eucharist (Holy Communion), Penance (Confession/Reconciliation), the Anointing of the Sick (formerly termed Last Rites), Holy Orders (Priesthood and Religious life) and Matrimony (Marriage) - linking the stages of human life with the stages of the spiritual life.