Music CD - LIFE A Journey shared

Music CD - LIFE A Journey shared

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LIFE A Journey Shared
Choir: St Theresa’s Parish, Birstall
Instrumentation (all): Alison Kennedy
15 (12 vocal / 3 instrumental)
Independent / Watermead Music
Slimline CD Case
July 1997 (Original cassette recording)
2006 (CD transfer presentation)
Read the origianl cassette tape's independent review from Cross Rythyms
This CD is a copy of the original Watermead cassette recording from 1995.  “LIFE - a journey shared” is a collection of original songs, hymns and instrumental meditations tracing time from the beginning of Creation to the completion of life in coming to God. The world is seen in terms of gardens and seasons of the year - the Old and the New Testament.  
The hymns are sung by Watermead's first singers (including St Theresa’s parish choir) with instrumental backing from the composer, Alison Kennedy. It was the third cassette recorded from the apostolate's birth home.


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Track listing (1) Creation “Tohu Bohu” (I); (2) Gardens; (3) Song from the Womb; (4) Roman Spring (I); (5) O Child (Song of Life); (6) Lost Summer (I); (7) St John’s Prologue; (8) I Have a Dream; (9) Autumn Falls (I); (10) Wilderness; (11) Magdalen; (12) Winter Branches (I); (13) Return to Clonoish (I); (14) Going Home; (15) Gardens (I). (I) = Instrumental Track

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