Little Saints Retreat Placemats (6)

Little Saints Retreat Placemats (6)

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The idea for retreat placemats came from hosting our own retreats and along with the accompanying serviettes offer a good starting point for conversation over packed lunches.
Each placemat is sealed in a 250 micron laminate and so is hand-washable.
Mats can take warmed, even hot plates, but please note that they are not heat resistant.
Size 216 mm x 303 mm
The “Little Saint” advice pictures
are those used on our
“Advice for a Healthy Retreat” cards and read as follows:
‘Read, but look after your eyes
– a slice of cucumber
relieves well “read” eyes.’
‘Remember to eat
– new clothes can be expensive.’
‘Listen to music
– it exercises the ears.’
‘Circulation is important
so take regular exercise
- if skipping does not appeal,
try and genuflect 10 times an hour’
‘Sing some prayers
– it exercises the face’
‘Get plenty of fresh air
– God made enough for everyone’
. . .  AND A FINAL WORD . . .
‘Get plenty of rest
– after all the exercise you will need to!’

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