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Angels Laminate

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THEME Candles PRODUCT CODE LT10 PRESENTATION A laminated illustrated information sheet with readings, sayings, prayers and thoughts on the theme. SIZE 297 mm x 210 mm (A4 ISO standard paper size) ACCESSORIES An envelope can be provided - but please note envelopes need to be ordered separately at an additional cost. PLEASE NOTE The pictures on some of our Theme laminates are pasted prayer cards and so the designs and colours might vary slightly according to availability of appropriate cards.

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WATERMEAD STORY We have found over the years that people who come to our shop ask frequently for information on angels. Our response was to produce this laminate reflecting on the presence of angels as God’s messengers of love in the Bible. There are quotes from the Scriptures - and a short synopsis of the classic 1946 film with James Stewart (‘It’s a Wonderful Life’) where an old man (the angel) appears to the young man (James) who wants to end his life by jumping off a bridge. The old man shows the young man in vision the good that his life has so far been and, reassured, the young man accepts back his life - the angel (the old man) earns his wings. BACKGROUND TO OUR LAMINATESLam’posts was the name first given to this series of laminates. ‘Lam’ from the word laminate and ‘post’ because they were designed as an alternative postal greeting to the usual card. Changes to size and costs in the UK postal system changed the appeal for their posting as a greeting for a special occasion, but they are still popular as small posters. They are divided into various categories with each containing many different designs and themes.