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Book - ChristGift - Watermead Pathways

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BOOK - ChristGift - Watermead Pathways

SERIES Watermead Pathways


ISBN 9781907721038

OVERVIEW The third book in the series 'Watermead Pathways' - a collection of reflections and memories by Father John, from childhood to priesthood.

CHRISTMAS AND LIFE are the central themes of this third book and Fr John again shares with us moments of life that he has shared, within family and relationships, and the life of the Church. Shared also are his thoughts and insights surrounding Christmas stories and traditions, as once again he remembers with us the homes, parishes, schools and countries he has served as priest.

AUTHOR John Daley IC

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Fr John Daley is a Catholic Priest and a Rosminian (Institute of Charity) and the spiritual inspiration and co-founder of the Watermead Apostolate. He comes from Cardiff in Wales, is proud of his homeland, his Irish background, his British nationality and learning to become European when he studied in Rome. He has many happy memories of his years spent in Wales, Canada New Zealand, and in the UK in Yorkshire, East Anglia and Leicestershire. Through the 'Watermead Pathways' series he shares many of the memories and insights gathered along the way and introduces us to family and friends who have journeyed with him.

EDITOR Alison Kennedy

COVER ILLUSTRATION 'Monte Calvario' by Matthew Concannon

ADDITIONAL ILLUSTRATIONS Sheila Jackson, Alison Kennedy, David Kennedy

SIZE 148 mm x 210 mm


COVER Paperback

PUBLICATION DATE 5 December 2013

PUBLISHER Watermead Publishing Ltd

EDITION 1st Edition

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WATERMEAD STORY : Background to 'Watermead Pathways'. Over the years there has been constant requests from people to ask Fr John to put in writing some of the stories and thoughts he has shared over the years during homilies and at retreats. This request has been fulfilled indirectly when Fr John has been asked to write for the Catholic press and local Church magazines, and, in the typing up of these various articles, a database of his writings had been available for a some time - they just needed putting together in book form. In 2010, after much persuasion, he allowed us to make a start on a collation of his writings. The books are illustrated by people who have contributed their artwork over the years. 'CHRISTGIFT' is the third book in the 'Watermead Pathways' series.