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Book - Getting to know the Bible

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BOOK - Getting to Know the Bible


ISBN 978852313138

OVERVIEW A pathway through the whole Bible in 12 chapters, with the intention of helping people grow in confidence in their approach to the Scriptures. Getting to know the bible is ideal for both groups and individuals. Originally prepared by Fr John Daley to help familiarise parishioners with the Bible over a 12 month period, it contains short summaries of different kinds of Old Testament Literature interspersed with detailed summaries of the Gospels and New Testament books

AUTHOR John Daley IC

ABOUT THE AUTHOR John Daley is a Catholic Priest and a Rosminian (Institute of Charity). He has guided people through the scriptures at retreats and conferences over many years and is the spiritual inspiration and co-founder of the WatermeadApostolate.

SIZE 148 mm x 210 mm


COVER Paperback

PUBLICATION DATE First published by Redemptorist Publications in August 1996

PUBLISHER Redemptorist Publications

EDITION 2nd (revised) edition published October 2005 and reprinted February 2009

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WATERMEAD STORY 'Getting to Know the Bible' is based on the Bible Reading Scheme written by Father John Daley for the parish of St Theresa’s in Birstall - a path through the whole Bible in twelve monthly chapters. The intention was to help people to grow in confidence in their approach to the Scriptures, coming to know the pattern and outline of the Bible and then, in succeeding years, to explore the Scriptures ever more deeply. Background Story to this Book. In 1994 Watermead had many new hymns and music ready to record, but, unfortunately, did not have the money to pay for the necessary costs of producing a finished cassette. Father John remembered his Bible Scheme notes and sent them to Redemptorist Publications on the off-chance they might be interested in publishing them. They were. They paid an advance royalty for the manuscript which paid for the production of our third recording 'LIFE - A Journey Shared'. For the full recording story see the Apostolate's website. The original little pocket book version of 'Getting to Know the Bible' was revised and updated by Fr John in 2005 at the request of Redemptorist Publications to its present format. It was edited and updated again in 2009.