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Book - O Lord Hear My Prayer

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BOOK O Lord, Hear My Prayer


ISBN 978190772021

OVERVIEW A pocket-sized prayer book (now in its 6th edition) - divided into three sections - with prayers for morning, day and evening. Also includes the “Our Father”, “Hail Mary”, “Glory Be” and “The Rosary”, and the “FIAT Rosary prayers”.

AUTHOR Traditional Catholic Prayers along with various other Authors

ABOUT THE AUTHORS Some of the prayers are well know and some have been penned by our own people and are original to Watermead

EDITORS Alison Kennedy and John Daley

COVER ILLUSTRATION 'Hands' by Alison Kennedy

ADDITIONAL ILLUSTRATIONS Matthew Concannon, Bernadette Cant, Alison Kennedy, Watermead's 'Little Saints'

SIZE 105 mm x 148 mm


COVER Paperback

PUBLICATION DATES First published 25th March 2000 - reprinted up until 2015

EDITION 6th edition published/updated 2015

PUBLISHER Watermead Publishing Apostolate (Watermead Publishing Ltd)

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WATERMEAD STORY : "O Lord, hear my Prayer " This pocket sized book was requested by Martin, of SOS Church Supplies (who marketed our products from 1997). One of his customers had asked him if he could obtain for him “a small prayer book, easy to carry around and priced so that he could give them away - at church, at hospital, at school, in prison and to friends." This small book was our response - divided into three sections, with prayers for morning, day and evening. As well as those prayers we included the traditional prayers of the “Our Father”, “Hail Mary”, “Glory Be” and “The Rosary”, including the “FIAT Rosary prayers”. We are now in our sixth edition and many thousands of the book have been sold - both through us and various of the retailers that stock our goods. It is rewarding to witness how many who buy or receive the book come back to us to obtain further copies for friends and relatives.
A HEART-WARMING STORY In 2010 we received a phone call from Mary, a friend who had been visiting relatives on the West coast of Ireland. The relative showed them our “O Lord, hear my Prayer” book, which had been given to her by a lorry driver who was delivering to their home. Apparently the driver loved the book so much that he now buys hundreds at a time and has made it his personal mission to give them to whomever he comes in contact with. We shall perhaps never meet the driver, nor he know that we have heard about his little mission, but it is lovely to know that our little book has touched him in a way that he now wants to share with others. Mary was delighted to tell us the story and said she had been very proud to inform her relatives that she knew the people who had put the book together and its background story.