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Book - People of God

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BOOK - People of God (book to accompany the 'People of God' CD)


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OVERVIEW This book was produced to accompany the CD 'People of God' and contains the hymn wording to the instrumental meditations on that CD. The book was initially produced to be sold with the CD, so that people could use them as a personal retreat guide when listening to the music, but, when people requested to purchase additional books for group use, we decided to make them available for individual purchase. On the CD each piece of music is preceded by a short introduction from Father John Daley, telling a little of the people story that inspired the music along with guidance to its prayer. This book then has, alongside the hymn wording, a bookmark-style tribute to the person for whom the particular hymn is dedicated - Watermead's own 'People of God'. The book can also stand alone as simply a prayer book.

NOTE That the full CD package already includes 2 of these accompanying books (see below).

AUTHOR Fr John Daley IC and Alison Kennedy

COVER IMAGE 'Music as Prayer' logo (Watermead)

ADDITIONAL ILLUSTRATIONS Alison Kennedy and Watermead's 'Little Saints'

SIZE 148 mm x 210 mm


COVER Paperback


PUBLISHER Watermead Publishing Apostolate (Watermead Publishing Ltd)

EDITION 1st Edition

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WATERMEAD STORY : In 1994 Father John Daley began using instrumental versions of our hymns during the Holy Hour at retreats. People are given hymn sheets containing the wording of our hymns and are then be played the music - invited to listen, following the words and reflecting on and praying them, singing them in their hearts. We soon discovered we had found a way of touching hearts through a universal language that reflects God’s love in melody and harmony. We had started using Music as Prayer. Over the years people have asked if we could make available the recordings of the music we used, so that they could have their own “Music as Prayer” sessions in their community or at home, alone or with friends - a home retreat. In answer to these requests the “People of God” presentation pack has been put together, containing a CD and two copies of the accompanying meditations book. The presentation title “People of God” reflects the people who have inspired our hymns and each page of the meditation book has a bookmark naming the person(s) to which the hymn is dedicated, along with a little of the background story and the full wording of the hymn. For more information on our retreats and to listen to the music, visit our website. (Note that Father John's introductions before each music track are recorded as individual tracks, enabling that the music only can be played if it is required to be used as a meditation piece during a prayer service, mass, etc.)