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Book - Voices of the Gospels

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BOOK Voices of the Gospels


ISBN 189937910X

OVERVIEW A journey through the gospels in which Colleen puts voice to some of the familiar characters as they reflect on their encounter with Jesus. Alongside each reflection are the Gospel and Scripture passages that inspired them.

AUTHOR Colleen Wethered

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Colleen Wethered Colleen comes from West Yorkshire and at the time of publication lived in East Sussex and was teaching at St Leonard’s - Mayfield School.

SIZE 195 mm x 120 mm


COVER Paperback


PUBLISHER The Catholic Printing Company of Farnworth, Altringham, Cheshire

EDITION 1st Edition

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WATERMEAD STORY : "Voices of the Gospels " was a collection of reflections originally submitted for inclusion in our “Words of Prayer and Reflection”. Instead it was decided the collection become their own small volume, printed in partnership with the Catholic Printing Company of Farnworth. Colleen’s poems, with paraphrased Bible passages, draw out the life-changing nature of the encounter by the Gospel character and throw a spotlight on some aspect of a disciple’s faith in Christ.
THE VOICES - The Voice of Mary (Annunciation); The Voice of the Shepherds (Before the Manger); The Voice of John the Baptist (Desert Ground); The Voice of John the Baptist (Baptism in the Jordan); The Voice of the Woman with a haemorrhage (You Touched Me); The Voice of Nicodemus (Man of Property); The Voice of the Rich Young Man (Travelling Light); The Voice of the Woman at the Well of Life (You have no bucket); The Voice of Zaccheus (Tree talk); The Voice of the Man born blind (Visionary); The Voice of Lazarus (I am Lazarus); The Voice at the foot of the Cross (Loss); The Voice of Mary Magdalen (Resurrection); The Voice of Thomas (I was elsewhere); The Voice of Peter (Shoreline); The Voice of Cleopas (Emmaus road); The Voice of a Disciple (The Upper Room); The Voice of the Apostles left alone (Prayer to the Father).