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Catholic Women Speak - Bringing Our Gifts to the Table (OUT OF STOCK)

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BOOK - Catholic Women Speak - Bringing our Gifts to the Table



ISBN 9780809149742

OVERVIEW Catholic Women Speak is a groundbreaking, thought-provoking anthology of essays on women and family life that asks questions and explores issues that do not find space for open discussion in the Church. The writers are women who represent a broad international perspective and come from a variety of personal backgrounds who believe that the Church cannot come to a wise and informed understanding of family life without listening to women. "Pope Francis has repeatedly said that he wants a "messy" Church, a Church that is not afraid to take risks in order to live the joyous adventure of faith. This book expresses the messy realities of women's lives, realities that challenge the Church's current practice in many ways, realities that the Church must acknowledge in order to communicate the Gospel to future generations." — from the foreword

AUTHORS - The Catholic Women Speak Network

ABOUT THE AUTHORS - The Catholic Women Speak Network (CWSN) is a forum for theological dialogue and collaboration around issues relating to Catholic women’s roles, responsibilities and relationships in the Church and society. Among the contributors, who represent a rich diversity and complexity of Catholic women's lives, are: Tina Beattie, Lisa Sowle Cahill, Ursula King, Margaret A. Farley, Christine Schenk and Elizabeth Johnson For more information on Catholic Women Speak visit the CWS website

EDITOR The Catholic Women Speak Network

SIZE 203 mm x 135 mm x 15 cm


COVER Paperback

PUBLICATION DATE 31 October 2015

EDITION 1st Edition

PUBLISHER by the Paulist Press

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WATERMEAD CONNECTION : Alison Concannon Kennedy, co-founder of Watermead, is a member of the Catholic Women Speak Network and one of the contributors to this book.
WATERMEAD REVIEW: “Catholic Women Speak - Bringing our Gifts to the Table” is a beautiful, touching, sincere and sad range of women’s lives in the Church. There is no bitterness nor controversy, but there is wisdom, knowledge and understanding. We must listen to and learn from women who have opened their hearts and minds for each other and for us. "As a man reading the book I was at times lost. The words I understood, the women I did not. I was reminded of Jane Austen who in her books never has men speaking together. She was asked why and explained she did not know how men would speak when there were no women present. I felt privileged to overhear the women speaking to and for each other. I recognised there was understanding and experience that I did not know and was grateful for their openness that allows me to share a vision of faith and life that women experience. It was good to know that every member of the Synod was able to receive a copy. What enrichment there might be from women’s full participation in Church deliberations. The Holy Spirit is everywhere in the book. There were moments when I gasped at recognition of a truth that I could never have put into words – but the women could." Fr John Daley IC