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I Like Hugs Laminate

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I Like Hugs - Laminate

A version of the popular poem "It's wondrous what a hug can do. A hug can cheer you when you're blue"

THEME 'The Hug' - wonderous what a hug can do AUTHOR Josie's version (the original poem attributed to Dean Walley) PRODUCT CODE LV06 SUITABILITY "It's wondrous what a hug can do. A hug can cheer you when you're blue. A hug can say 'I love you so' or 'I hate to see you go' . . . ."
‘The Hug’ was first brought to Watermead’s attention in 1995 by Josie, a member of their community, who had been so taken with the wording she asked if it was possible to type up her hand-written version for her. We did and the first presentation, which included relevant scriptural quotations, was presented to Josie framed. The poem also inspired Watermead's hugging
'Little Saints' - to which their illustration on the laminate gives witness. (We first attributed the poem to 'Anonymous' and Josie, as the only reference we found to an author at the initial time of our search was ‘Anonymous’ – despite its appearing on many items and cards. Recent searches have since found a version of the poem by Dean Walley, who we believe is the original author) PRESENTATION The wording is presented on a clouds picture paper, illustrated by our own hugging 'Little Saints', and laminated. SIZE 297 mm x 210 mm (A4 ISO standard paper size) ACCESSORIES An envelope can be provided - but please note envelopes need to be ordered separately at an additional cost. PLEASE NOTE The picture paper used is dependent on availability, but will always be similar to that shown.

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WATERMEAD'S LAMINATED THOUGHTS This laminate belongs to the series we call 'Verba', a Latin term meaning "the words". These words can be anything, from inspirational words that people have found and want to share through our apostolate to the reflections and poems that have been given to us by their author - who is usually someone that has been inspired by the work of our apostolate. Some of the orignal poems and reflections that we have been given are also shared through other of our publications, with many used to add a themed message to our mass and greeting cards. (NB We do always check for copyright before sharing words that we have been given and, when found, the author is acknowledged.) BACKGROUND TO THE LAMINATE SERIES Lam’posts was the name first given to this series of laminated A4 thoughts. ‘Lam’ from the word laminate and‘post’ because they were designed as an alternative postal greeting to the usual card. When Watermead introduced 'Lam’posts' it was possible to post an A4 laminate in an envelope for the same cost as posting a letter or greetings card. Changes to Britain’s postal system saw the cost of posting an A4 envelope rise considerably – making 'Lam’posts' no longer financially appealing as a postal greeting. However, they are still very popular, sharing their messages of comfort or greeting – and as a humorous or thought-provoking poster in the kitchen, bedroom, classroom, chapel. And, of course, they can still be posted.