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Music CD - Don Sings the Parables

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Don Sings the Parables, Watermead Music's musical version of the Parables of Jesus (Kennedy/Daley) Sung by Don Maclean      TITLE Don Sings the Parables   ARTISTS   Don Maclean backed by Watermead’s singers/musicians and by composer (Alison Kennedy)   PRODUCT CODE AU06   LABEL Independent / Watermead Music   WMEAD200627   CASE Standard CD Jewel Case   RELEASED January 2006   OVERVIEW On this CD album Don Maclean, famous for many years in showbusiness and former presenter of 'Good Morning Sunday' (the BBC's flagship religious programme), sings our Watermead musical version of the Parables of Jesus. The first copy off the press was presented personally to Pope Benedict in Rome, January 2006, by Don and wife, Toni.  (See 'More information' for full story of the recording)   Also available as a digital download    

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WATERMEAD STORY : In 2000 Father John wrote the parables of Jesus in verse form - the idea had caught him, inspired by our first parable song “The Lost Sheep” - recorded on our children’s cassette “A Little Child Shall Lead” in 1996. Father John asked Alison if she could set the verses to music and then wrote to Don Maclean asking him if he would record them with us. Don replied immediately and invited us to send the parable verses to him. He later told us he thought it was a naff idea, setting the parables to music: but he liked what we sent! They made him laugh, he said, and he knew he could make other people laugh – it was an original idea for show business evangelisation! He’d like to do it. For the recording Don was backed by our own Watermead singers - Matthew and Rebecca, along with young singers from St Joseph’s Primary, St Paul’s and De Lisle Secondary schools in Leicestershire. Don’s son, Rory, also sketched the cartoons used on the CD insert. In 2006 Don was able to present the first CD to Pope Benedict in Rome. He had travelled there as a gift from the BBC in recognition of his years of presenting “Good Morning Sunday”, and was able to speak personally to the Pope – a surprise arranged by the then Archbishop Nichols, a personal friend of Don’s. For more on the background story to this recording, and associated projects, visit our apostolate website.
Track listing
(1) The Labourers; (2) The Pharisee and the Publican; (3) The Prodigal Son; (4) The Bridesmaids; (5) The Good Samaritan; (6) The Sower and the Seed; (7) The Wedding Feast; (8) The Lost Sheep; (9) The Pestering Widow; (10) The Talents; (11) The Fishy Treasure Pearl; (12) Lazarus.