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Music CD - Our Songs Gave Praise

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TRACKS 14 (12 vocal / 3 instrumental) Original Watermead hymns, songs and instrumental meditations - an archive selection


ARTISTS The tracks are taken from Watermead Music's original cassette recordings and represent the various choirs, singers and musicians involved over the years including - Soloists: Malcolm Allen, Bernadette Cant, Matthew Concannon, Don Harris, Susan Heggie, Alison Kennedy, Dermot O'Connor, Marian Williamson, Choirs: St Theresa's Parish Choir, Watermead Singers, St Theresa's Children's Choir, Birstall Annual Workshop's Choir.

COMPOSERS Alison Kennedy, Matthew Concannon, Susan Heggie

LYRICISTS John Daley, Alison Jackson

LABEL Independent / Watermead Music

CASE Slimline CD Case

INSERT 4-page folded leaflet giving the background story to each piece of music

RELEASED 2004 (CD transfer presentation: original cassette recordings released during 1994-99)

OVERVIEW A collection of some of the music that began Watermead music - from the first ‘raw’ recording of the hymn 'Our Song Gives Praise' (live in the church) to the studio recording of 'Vivan los Ninos' for the charity 'Let the Children Live'.

WATERMEAD STORY Originally prepared as a gift to members of the choirs and singers involved over the years, becoming a valuable archive of original recordings. The CD was initially put together as a limited edition gift for the people involved in those early recordings - a thank you to the people who began Watermead. It is now made available to anyone interested in sharing the development of our music.

To read the full story and for links to the music visit our Watermead Apostolate website

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Track listing
(1) Our Songs Give Praise; (2) Christ’s Farewell; (3) Sanctus (St Andrew’s Mass); (4) The Song of Peace; (5) Mary our Mother; (6) Mary’s Lullaby; (7) The Angelus; (8) The Pieta; (9) Walsingham Evening (*); (10) I Have a Dream; (11) Christ is a Friend; (12) The Lost Sheep; (13) Let All Creation; (14) Vivan los Ninos. (*) = Instrumental Track