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Ordination Anniversary Card

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Ordination Anniversary Card - A card to celebrate the anniversary of a priest's ordination


ITEM Ordination Anniversary Card   PRODUCT CODE SA06H   SUITABILITY A card to greet and congratulate a priest on the anniversary of their Ordination.   WORDING Contains the wording of our Watermead Hymn "Gathering" - a hymn that was commissiond by a parish for the jubilee anniversary of their priest. The wording reflects the former wording of Eucharistic Prayer No.3   The wording on the front of this card is a favourite quotation for weddings and reads:    ‘I am the vine and you are the branches.
Remain in me, and I in you,
and you will bear much fruit . . . 
Ask the Father for anything im my name,
and you shall have it" John 15 : 5 & 7   The greeting inside the cards reads: Thinking of you in prayer on this special day.   VARIATIONS This design is also available as - 25th anniversary of Ordination card
anniversary of Ordination card
50th anniversary of Ordination card
60th anniversary of Ordination card   PRESENTATION Printed on cream card and hand-finished and presented with a cream 100 gsm quality envelope in a polypropylene display sleeve.    SIZE 110 mm x 220 mm (DL ISO standard envelope size)     PLEASE NOTE These cards are printed when ordered, so it is sometimes possible to personalise the design.  Availability depends on the date required and the price on the quantity ordered. Please ask.

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WATERMEAD STORY The picture on the front of this card is from a water colour painting produced by Hazel Holmes-Taylor to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ordination of her parish preist, Fr Terry Fellows . The hymn wording printed inside this card is 'Gathering' and the hymn was one commissioned by a parish for the jubilee anniversary of their priest - lyrics written to reflect Eucharistic Prayer no.III. ORDINATION The Sacrament of Ordination is when an individual is consecrated as deacon, priest or bishop, enabling them to serve their Church as clergy in performing various religious rites and ceremonies. The duration and required study for ordination, along with the ceremony, depends on the particular Christian denomination. (The noun ordination comes from the Latin word ordinare, meaning “put in order.”) THE SACRAMENTS The Christian journey is marked by special moments of God’s blessing called Sacraments. There are seven: Baptism (Christening), Confirmation (or Chrismation), the Eucharist (Holy Communion), Penance (Confession/Reconciliation), the Anointing of the Sick (formerly termed Last Rites), Holy Orders (Priesthood and Religious life) and Matrimony (Marriage) - linking the stages of human life with the stages of the spiritual life.