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The Pietà Laminate

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The Pieta Lam'post

Laminated wording of our hymn - for Holy Week, Funerals, Marian feasts (especially 'Our Lady of Sorrows')

MUSIC AS PRAYER LAMINATES The Pietà (wording)   PRODUCT CODE LM06   PRESENTATION A laminated presentation of the words of one of Watermead's own hymns presented with two colour themes, blue and brown. (Please choose colour from drop-down menu)   THEME 'The Pietà' is the hymn that began ‘Music as Prayer’, being the first time music and words were used in a retreat setting.  Mary’s pain and suffering is reflected upon in relation to all human suffering, with the final acknowledgement that death brings all to God and the eternal life.   SIZE 297 mm x 210 mm (A4 ISO standard paper size)   ACCESSORIES An envelope can be provided - but please note envelopes need to be ordered separately at an additional cost.   RECORDED VERSIONS OF THIS HYMN An instrumental version of the hymn is recorded on the People of God CD and an early sung version from the Mary our Mother and sung by the family members of 'Tom', to whom this hymn is dedicated, is available on the Our Songs Gave Praise archive collection CD   The hymn from which this wording belongs is also available as sheet music and our sheet music pages each contain a listening sample, some with links to MP3 downloads.   NOTE The wording is also used for our Mass Cards and Pilgrims with Mary notecards. (Type 'The Pieta' into our search bar to find the individual cards.)

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WATERMEAD STORY 'The Pieta' began as an instrumental piece affectionately titled "A Song without Words" by Tom, the composer's father, always the first to hear her fledgling compositions and to whom the hymn is dedicated. On the day after the music was composed Tom had a stroke from which he never recovered, dying within 24 hours, and this new instrumental piece, being the last he heard composed, was played at his funeral when his coffin was carried from the church by his son, nephews and son-in-laws. The music was later given lyrics by Fr John Daley, who had been with Tom and the family at the hospital during Tom's final hours. On the day of its composition Fr John had said to Tom that it had reminded him of the famous statue of the 'Pieta' by Michelangelo in St Peter's Vatican Church in Rome and the wording he later wrote reflected this connection - Mary's sorrow watching her son die, in union with his ministry experience of being with many families during their loved ones' final hours. The hymn was first recorded on the Mary Our Mother cassette sung by Tom's son and daughter, along with members of the original Watermead choir to which Tom and his wife belonged, and accompanied by his daughter on keyboard and granddaughter on flute. The wording has been used on Watermead's mass cards, notecards and laminates, and hymn was the first music used as a "Music as Prayer" reflection during the Holy Hour at retreats organised by the apostolate. An instrumental version is available on the People of God retreat CD recording and the original sung track is available on the Our Songs Gave Praise CD. BACKGROUND TO OUR LAMINATED HYMN WORDINGS Making our hymns available as presentation laminate began when Lee asked if the words of ‘O Child’ could be framed as a gift for a new baby in her family. Other requests followed, asking for framed hymns for a variety of occasions, and once designs have been set we added them to this collection. We have them available as framed prints in our shop - but not through the website. People can, however, ask us for unlaminated prints and then frame them themselves (the pricing is the same).